To Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Cruz, and Mr. Kasich:

We respectfully ask the Presidential candidates, campaign staff, and supporters to answer this critical question concerning middle class American incomes: 

There was much recent critical commentary published describing how The Walt Disney Company has “priced out” middle class Americans from attending their theme parks.  While there is no denying the cost of a family vacation to Disney World has increased over the past decade, we should consider some important facts before vilifying the “house of the mouse”.

The Walt Disney Company is an American corporate success story.  From its humble beginnings in 1923 it has grown over time into one of our country’s most admired companies.  Disney employs a substantial amount of Americans and delivers impressive returns for its shareholders, also most of whom are American citizens.  However, a serious problem exists:  millions of middle class Americans can no longer afford to take their children to the beloved iconic Disney theme parks and resorts as their parents did when they were children.  The reasons for the dramatic price increases are beyond the scope of this question and criticizing Disney is not going to fix the real underlying problem that American incomes have not kept up with our country’s cost of living.

Our country’s leadership must find solutions to a very serious problem concerning the fact American worker’s middle class incomes have not kept up with the rising costs to afford to live a traditional American middle class lifestyle.  Middle class Americans should not be ‘priced out’ from being able to enjoy a Disney World family vacation.

Therefore, the millions of undecided middle class American voters are asking the leading presidential candidates a question that needs to be answered before casting their vote.

To Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Cruz, and Mr. Kasich:

If elected President of the United States what is your plan to create large numbers of new well-paying jobs for the American middle class?  Hard working Americans should be able to live a traditional middle class American lifestyle which includes something as simple as being able to enjoy a Disney World family vacation.


Undecided Disney fan Voter