Sell My DVC Membership

How much will you pay me for my Disney Vacation Club timeshare?

The price we pay to you is based upon your home resort, the number of points in your Disney Vacation Club contract, and your use year.  You will receive an attractive and fast response from us.


Are there any upfront fees or out-of-pocket costs charged to sellers?

We never charge any upfront fees or out-of-pocket costs to our Disney Vacation Club sellers.  Upfront fees and out-of-pocket costs charged to sellers are typically scams!  We recommend you do not deal with any person or company trying to collect an upfront ‘marketing’ fee or out-of-pocket cost to sell your DVC Resale.  Gary Sloan is a dependable and trustworthy DVC Resale buyer. Our sellers are never charged any real estate listing commissions, closing costs, or any other fee. 


What if my loan or annual dues are in default or foreclosure?

If you are behind on your DVC loan or annual dues we recommend you call Gary Sloan to sell your DVC timeshare before Disney or Palm Financial starts foreclosure against you.  We will resolve the delinquency and put cash in your pocket fast.  If Disney or Palm Financial has already started a foreclosure against you or filed a lien, you need to call us NOW!  We can stop Disney.  Even if Disney or Palm Financial started an action against you, it is still possible we can stop Disney and you can sell your points to us, and we can put cash in your pocket.


If I am Separated or Divorced, can I sell my DVC Timeshare?

Yes. The licensed and insured attorney owned title company will prepare everything necessary for you to sell your DVC Timeshare.


If an owner has passed away can a family member sell their DVC Points?

Yes. When an owner has passed away, the designated representative for the Estate can sell their DVC points to us.  We are experienced buyers and are able to close a DVC Resale with the representative for the Estate.  


Do I have to come back to Florida for the closing?

No. You do not have to travel back to Florida for the closing.


What if a seller resides outside of the United States?

We buy DVC Resales from sellers residing in all parts of the world.  The licensed and insured attorney owned Title Company can complete closings for sellers worldwide.  

Contact Us to find out how much we will pay you for your Disney Vacation Club timeshare.

You will receive a no pressure stress-free offer from our direct cash buyers.