Hello everyone.  It’s Gary Sloan again.   Quite a few DVC timeshare members contacted me to sell their contracts and I wanted to share what I heard.


I understand there are many reasons owners want or need to sell their DVC timeshare contracts.  Perhaps your children have outgrown Disney and you’re just not vacationing like you used to.  And I hear from owners who tell me their membership dues keep getting more expensive each year to a tipping point “it’s just not worth paying for”.  A lot of owners tell me they “just don’t need it anymore”.


Owners tell me they are stressed with the fact it is much harder to book a reservation than it used to be.  It seems like owners are required to book further and further in advance to obtain the reservation dates they need. This situation seems to have gotten considerably worse in the past couple of years.  Vacationing should be fun, relaxing and hassle-free, not stressful, especially with the initial booking.


Upset members have reported Disney World parks have gotten so much more crowded in the past couple of years. Record attendance levels at Disney World are great for Disney but bad for DVC members.  Some members have told me because of the crowds they were only able to experience three or four attractions!  Let’s face it, as the parks get more crowded, a DVC owner’s experience will be less enjoyable.


The prices Disney is charging for everything like tickets, food, merchandise, and extra experiences is out of control!  Seems like everything at Disney is an extra charge now.  Did you notice select Old Key West and Saratoga Springs building locations need more vacation points now?  That’s point inflation too!


Has Disney forgotten about the middle class?  Living in Florida our family used to go to the parks much more frequently.  We still like Disney {once in a while} but when they charge NYC prices we can go to NYC or anywhere else in the world…………that’s not Disney’s “World”.   Our family’s main vacation this year is Branson, MO.


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Thanks for all your comments and replies. I can be reached at (954) 907-3715 and my

email address is:  sloanlfg@gmail.com   Have A  Great Vacation Day!  Gary Sloan